How to Order Prints

If you like our photographs, you may order prints from any of the photographs in our galleries. Currently we have all our prints made by Saal Digital and we can offer two ways to order prints.

First option: We use galleries at the Saal Digital portal: Through this shop you may order the prints directly without interaction with us. But this is currently available only for selected images. Use the link logo that appears when you hover your mouse over the image or in the full view of the image:

Clicking the link icon takes you directly to the shop. Check out the galeries there, whether your favourite picture is listed. Then you can order your prints in a variety of finishes and sizes. If your favourite picture is not in one of the galeries, you still have the next option.

Second option: Via communication through us. To get your copy, you should visit the Saal Digital website and chose your type of print (e.g. poster, metal print, or whatever you like) and send us an email: In the email, for each requested print write the name of the photo and the size and quality of the print. We will order the prints for you, using the original high quality images. The prints will be shipped to you directly. You should make the payment directly to us by PayPal.